Our Values

1. Strive for balance, in the workplace and in our own lives and communities.

2. Value diversity and recognize that our differences in culture, background, opinions, gender, sexual orientations and more affect our outlook on life, and help us to better serve our imaginative and knowledgeable clients.

3. Create a culture that supports each other and our clients’ goals.

4. Embrace open-mindedness, the pursuit of projects, experimentation, iteration and risk-taking, understanding that novel solutions come from unexpected places.

5. Assume best intent and demand integrity.

6. Are accountable for our actions and understand that they impact both Panafold and our cultural and physical environment.

7. Work with passion knowing that our creations are a reflection of ourselves and of our values.We think these principles give rise to a work life that embraces creativity and harmony.

Our mantra: Keep curiosity alive.



Production support from Panafold has been a great help to my small business - they are responsive, dedicated, professional, and a total pleasure to work with!
— Nicole Huang // Architect, Nicole Huang Design