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Design Studio

What inspires us: Our Inspiration comes from world culture—what is happening in the world, and how every part of the world reacts to the challenges of our times. Colors, food, landscapes and textures tell a story reflected in our designs, from the southernmost pampas, to exciting colors of Mexican cuisine, to the northernmost winter landscapes of Iceland and Norway. As our world is shrinks, it inspires us to reach farther when designing custom solutions for each client’s needs. Uncommon combinations of colors, treatments of materials and finishes together reflect a unique moment in our world and our time.

Panafold Studio

Interior Design

Our clients hire us for our unique interior ideas, a combination of colors, furniture, and materials

Architectural Design

Our team of highly educated designers provides the best space solutions for our clients.

Color and Material Consulting

We help homeowners and companies by consulting on the best materials and colors for their spaces.

Collaboration with Interior Designers and Architects

Our team is dedicated to in-house design, collaborating with design professionals including architects, interior designers, etc

Product Design

Panafold design beautiful objects for our imaginative clients

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