Multidisciplinary Team


3D Digital Modeling and Presentation

*3D virtual visualization
3D modeling (Revit, SketchUp, etc.)
*Renderings (hand sketch, digital or immersive with 360° views)
*Panafold Visualize software:  Collaborative tools for shared 360° reviews, shareable immersive views of designed spaces & objects through VR, and AR content.


3D Physical modeling

*Create drawings and digital forms for laser cutting, wood shop and CAD processing


2D Drawing

* Architectural floor plans, sections, elevations in AutoCAD or Rhino
*Create/prepare/review AutoCAD (or other)  furniture, space and floor plans
*Produce construction drawing sets
*Create your own pen table/line works for your future drawings


Team support 

* Architectural project support including plan submissions.
*Product partners: benefit from existing partnerships with tradespeople, fabricators and showrooms.
*Work-site support including site measurements..
*Professional network support.
*Sourcing (we’re down the street from SF Design Center).
*Digital presentation support: mobile and desktop. Software installation onsite, product support.

*Panafold Studies:  Software that coordinates design teams through private online rendering review, image sharing or commenting for iPhone, Android, Mac,  Windows.


Custom products and designs

* Custom furniture design 
*Furniture, fittings and fixture design support 
*Fabrication management.

*Panafold Feature:  Asset management software that helps architects & realtors to present their buildings, and interior designers to present their design firms. Example: if we render your product suite, we can present it on a custom website, and provide design and copy in English or other languages.