pana-diy: Easy Tile Table


We stumbled upon a DIY from Heju Studio, a design studio based in France, which inspired us to make this small tile table. It is flexible, easy to make, and a fun activity on a casual weekend.


Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • 12”x12” ply wood sheet at 1/8”

  • 12”x12” tile patch

  • Tile grout

  • Wood dowels

  • Screws x 4

  • Scraper

  • Double sided-tape or fast drying glue

  • Sponge

  • Mixing bowl

  • Paint (optional)

The first step is to create a base for the tile. This can be in any size and any height you’d like. We used a 12"x12” base because the tile patch comes in 12”x12”, but the size can be easily modified by just trimming the base mesh that holds the tiles together. These patches are convenient to use because all the tile spacing are set—no need to buy spacers or measure them one by one.

Here are the steps for the base:

1) Sand down the plywood sheet. Here we use 60 grit, 120 grit and 200 grit to gradually make the surface smooth and clean up any dark spots.

2) Cut down the wood dowels. You can use any diameter you’d like. Just make sure that the dowel will hold the weight of the tile, and make sure you are wearing protective gloves when cutting.

3) Gather all the four dowels you’ve cut from the previous step, and sand the two sides down. These are to be the legs of the table, so make sure they are leveled.

4) Next, measure and mark where you want the dowels to be. Double check by placing the plywood sheet on top of the dowels to see if they hold the weight and the sheet doesn’t tip over.

5) Last step is to drill the screw through both the top sheet and dowel. We used a manual drill and screwdriver, you can also use an electric drill if there is one handy.

Second part is the fun part: Tiles!

1) Place the double-sided tape or glue on the four edges of the base, then place the tile patch on top. Make sure it’s secure and doesn’t wiggle too much.

2) Put some tile grout paste (and a little bit of paint if desired) in the mixing bowl, and mix the paste until consistent color.

3) Use the scraper to apply tile grout on top of the tile patch, spread all the paste even and scrape off extras.

4) Use a slightly wet sponge to clean up the grout paste on the surface of the tiles, so they will be shiny and clean.

5) Wait for the tile grout to dry, preferably overnight, and there you have it! Your new, small tile table!


Aside from being a vase stand, this little tile table is also good for spontaneous picnic, laptop perch by the  sofa and, of course, breakfast in bed :)


Hope you’ve all enjoyed this little DIY. Let us know how you think of it and if you have any questions and suggestions!

Link to the original DIY:

Bianca Lin