Panafold Capture 

Panafold Capture is made for designers and architects who use Panafold’s software and design services dedicated to efficient decisions and exquisite implementation. This iOS app offers a simple way to add images to a Project Notebook from a mobile device.

Panafold Capture allows either a designer, their collaborator or client to take a picture whenever they’re inspired — at a trade show, a showroom or while reading a magazine — and add the image to a Project Notebook.  They can also select an image already in their Camera Roll.  

Our goal is to let designers capture photos to keep their teams inspired and coordinated. Panafold Capture also allows the mobile user to create new Project Notebooks.

  1. Open Capture and take or choose a picture.
  2. Select or create a Notebook.

Panafold Capture allows you to:

  • Save ideas for later—organize photos by Notebook such as “ Smith Kitchen,” making them easy to find.
  • Upload images to your collaborative Project Notebooks.
  • Work efficiently with architects, contractors, interior designers, installation professionals and more—clarify ideas ahead of your next meeting.

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